Wednesday, 1 June 2011

M16.2 3D Zoetrope

The complete zoetrope measures 53" x 24" x 24". The cylindrical viewing area has a diameter of 24" and a height of 9". It's worth noting that this whole area is visible when the piece is 'on' (it's motorised) The animation is lit from above and below with LED's allowing the animation to be viewed in all lighting conditions.

Viewers are often surprised by the width of the slots when the zoetrope is stationary. Also, the shutter, 'drum', appears smaller when spun as the widest and narrowest widths are averaged. The facets above and below the viewing area soften as they blur in motion.

The stand is a beautiful object alone, crafted from solid walnut and finished with a clear lacquer. It's a fusion of traditional wood working skills and digital manufacturing. The top of the stand houses the zoetrope mechanism and electronics. The mains power lead is hidden in one of the legs.

The zoetrope is often immediately viewed straight on like a screen, however, viewers then enjoy moving around the piece much like a traditional sculptural object. As the animation is 3D, differing viewpoints change the fore shortening and reveal details in the objects and animation. Close up viewing is immersive, it allows the eye to follow individual shapes. From further away the objects work as a whole.

Viewers refer to the motion as hypnotic ( see the post, 'Stars and Stripes', for information about the development of the animation content)

The zoetrope can be viewed in day light just as any other lighting condition. This allows the viewer to appreciate the object as a whole rather than as a performance alone.

I'll be posting video of the piece within the week. Watch this space...

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