Thursday, 19 May 2011

Prototyping 4.

My post, Prototyping 2, documented development of the animation models and stands. The technique used for the stand proved effective. The model, not quite so. The origami technique was cumbersome. A lot of accuracy was lost in the process, furthermore, it was labour intensive.

Rapid Prototyping is a relatively new technology that allows artists to create physical models from digital data. Its perfect for this project.

There are a range of techniques and materials available. The process I used for these prototypes was 3D printing The final object is translucent white, made from ABS plastic.

The object is approximately 3mm thick and completely rigid. This meant that I could redesign the stand, reducing the posts from two to one. This is a far more elegant solution. The stands and interior of the zoetrope will be finished in matt white. I've found in previous prototypes that the stands somehow dissappear as the viewers attention is on the animation.

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