Monday, 2 May 2011

Animation Layout

I've developed the animation for this piece using techniques typical to my traditional [3D CG] animation work. However, this sequence will be recreated in the real world. Consequently it's subject to a different range of parameters. In film things are often 'cheated'. A common problem is geometry intersections. Usually these are painted out or hidden behind other objects, but this won't be possible with [individual] physical models.

The motion and colour choices were made hand in hand. The illusion of depth and motion change dramatically if for example, a pink form is replaced by blue or white. The swatch image illustrates how colours were sampled and tweaked in the earlier concept art prior to use in the animation.

I created many versions adding and removing content. The intention was to create something that sustains interest, balancing colour, form and motion. A zoetrope can only display 12 frames, so the content is looped. Initially the animation can be quite overwhelming, but after a few seconds the viewers understanding settles and a better appreciation of individual elements emerges.

I haven't posted the animation as I felt that would deflate the release of the final piece. The two stills show the animation at the loop and mid way point.

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